Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide efficient and economical quality printing services to the Government of Kenya.
  2. To improve security and supply of all official Government documents required for the running of the Government.
  3. To improve capacity building at the Government Press for effective and efficient delivery of services.

Mandate as detailed in the Constitution

  • Attention is drawn to the provisions of the Constitution of Kenya as follows:
  • Article 35(3) states “The State shall publish and publicize any important information affecting the nation”.
  • Article 6(3) states that “A national State organ shall ensure reasonable access to its services in all parts of the Republic, so far as it is appropriate to do so having regard to the nature of the service”, and
  • Article 199(1) states that “County legislation does not take effect unless published in the Gazette”.

Acts of Parliament that the Department Complies to;-

Acts of Parliament that the Department Complies to

The County Government Act, (No. 82 of 2012)(Act No. 17)

  • Section 23 of the County Government Act provides as follows:
  • A bill shall be published by including the Bill as a supplement in the county Gazette and the Kenya Gazette.
  • Thus it is mandatory to publish Bills in both the gazettes. The same applies to Bills that have been assented to.  Section 25 (1) provides thus:

“A legislation passed by the county assembly and assented to by the governor shall be published in   the county gazette and the Kenya Gazette within seven days after assent.”


Revision of Laws Act, Cap. 1 (Revised 2012)

(1)The Laws of Kenya shall be printed in the form of booklets, a separate booklet being printed for-

  • (a) The Constitution and any subsidiary legislation made thereunder;
  • (b) Each Act and the subsidiary legislation made thereunder;
  • (c) Each piece of foreign legislation applied to Kenya:
  • included in the Laws by virtue of section 4;

Provided that where the Attorney-General deems it expedient any legislation referred to in this subsection may be printed in more than one booklet.

(2) Every booklet shall contain on the front page thereof the expressions “Laws of Kenya” and “Revised Edition………..Printed and Published by the Government Printer Nairobi” or “Printed and Published by…………(name of Printer) with the Authority of the Attorney-General”, and on every other page thereof the expression “Rev ………..” with the appropriate year of revision inserted in each case.

(3) In addition to the publication of the Laws of Kenya in the manner prescribed in the foregoing provisions of this section, a Printer, referred to in subsection (2), may also publish the Laws of Kenya in electronic form.
[Act No. 13 of 1980, Sch., Act No. 7 of 2007, Sch.]

Code of Regulations
Section D, subsection 30(1) of the 2006 Revised Code of Regulations states that:

  • All printed accountable documents, publications, rubber stamps, etc. must be ordered from the Government Printer.
  • Adherence to these requirements would optimize the production process and embrace the concept of continuous organizational learning and improvement; standardize Government documents, and thereby ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This will help in the realization of the virtues captured under Vision 2030 strategy and HudumaCentres initiative.